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Players can anticipate thrilling challenges in the Tower online game by Jili Games. This game offers a captivating twist to the well-known Minesweeper. Devise a winning strategy and channel your efforts towards victory. Progress in the game by filling the bar to edge closer to the jackpot. With outstanding graphics, straightforward rules, and the potential for a x1000 win from your bet, this game provides an exciting gaming experience.

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Tower Basic Rules

Simple Rules for Playing the Game:

Tower Basic Rules

Game Setup

In this game, everything unfolds on a grid. Before diving in, you get to choose how much risk you want to take. Keep in mind, this choice affects important aspects such as the number of rounds, the images in each row, and the odds of the game.

Starting the Game

Once you’ve made your risk selection, hit the Bet button to initiate the game. Your task is to flip each cell in every row, and make sure you do it in the correct order. This is where the real excitement begins!

Game Progress

As you navigate through the game, scoring a specific image is your ticket to advancing to the next row and boosting your multiplier. However, be cautious – if you land on a different image, you not only lose your bet but also bring the game to an end.

Winning Strategy

To maximize your chances of winning, focus on collecting the right images. The more you gather, the higher your round’s multiplier becomes. This strategy is key to success before you wrap up the game.

Internet Disconnection

Technology can sometimes throw a curveball. If your internet decides to play hide-and-seek during the game, don’t worry. The system has your back and will automatically cash out your winnings, gracefully bringing the game to a close.

Tower Jackpot

Eager to hit the jackpot? Here’s the deal: when your bet value reaches the goal, you’re in the running for the jackpot. Watch it closely because as the prize pool swells, so does your chance of winning. The magic happens when the jackpot hits 100%, and that’s when someone gets to celebrate big time!


Regular Bonus

But wait, there’s more! Achieving the bet value goal doesn’t just mean a shot at the jackpot; it also opens the door to a regular bonus. This bonus is no small fry—it’s a hefty three times the total bet. So, reaching that goal isn’t just exciting for the potential jackpot but also for the bonus cash coming your way. Get ready to enjoy the rewards!

Ensuring Fairness at Tower Ga,e

We take fairness seriously in the stair-climbing game, and here’s how we make sure every player gets a square deal. The results are not just transparent but also fair and verifiable. To achieve this, each round’s outcome is determined collaboratively by the server seed, client seeds, and a random number.

Ensuring Fairness

Anti-Cheating Measures

Cheating is a big no-no on our platform, and we’ve got some safeguards in place. Before each round kicks off, we spill the beans on the client seed and the random number. Why? So players can refresh their client seeds and ensure everything stays above board.

Secrecy for a Reason

Now, we won’t give away all the secrets. To keep things unpredictable and prevent any peeking into the future, we don’t spill the beans on the server seed. Instead, we announce the hash seed value. It’s all part of the plan to maintain the integrity of the game.

Post-Round Verification

Worried about the fairness of the game? Fear not. After each round, players can dive into their gaming histories and confirm the server seed. This way, everyone can rest easy knowing that the platform didn’t pull any tricks or falsify outcomes. Transparency is our middle name!


The Jili’s Tower Challenge is an exciting online game by Jili Games that puts a unique twist on the classic Minesweeper. Players can anticipate thrilling challenges and aim for a x1000 win from their bet while progressing through the game.

The game unfolds on a grid, and players choose their level of risk, affecting aspects like the number of rounds, images in each row, and odds. The objective is to flip each cell in every row in the correct order to advance and boost your multiplier.

If your internet disconnects during the game, the system automatically cashes out your winnings, gracefully ending the game and ensuring you don’t lose your progress.

Focus on collecting the right images to increase your round’s multiplier. The more images you gather, the higher your chances of success before concluding the game.

When your bet value reaches the goal, you’re in the running for the jackpot. The jackpot grows as the prize pool increases, and someone gets to celebrate big when it hits 100%.


In conclusion, The Jili’s Tower Challenge by Phlwins offers a thrilling and strategic gaming experience, combining the classic Minesweeper concept with exciting twists and lucrative rewards. With transparent rules, anti-cheating measures, and a commitment to fairness, players can enjoy the excitement of the game with confidence, knowing that their gaming experience is both entertaining and trustworthy. Dive into the Tower Challenge, devise winning strategies, and elevate your gaming adventure with the potential for substantial wins and bonuses.

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