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Mines Game is an easy and fun instant win game that challenges your luck and strategy. You play on a 5×5 grid of tiles, aiming to uncover as many tiles as you can without hitting a mine.

When you reveal a tile, it will either display a prize or be blank. If it’s a prize, you win it and can choose to keep playing or cash out. However, if you uncover a mine, the game stops, and you lose all your winnings.

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Basic Rules

Jili Mines has 25 cells. You can choose the number of mines before starting the game.

Basic Rules
  • Game Setup: Players pick how many mines they want to play with in Jili Mines, which has 25 cells.
  • Placing Bets: To start the game, choose your bet. Your winnings in a round add up, increasing your multiplier. But if you lose, your winnings reset, and the game ends.
  • Accumulative Multiplier: Track the multiplier as you play. It shows how much you’ve won in the round before the game ends.
  • Internet Disconnects: If you lose internet connection while playing, your winnings will be automatically cashed out, and the game will end.


Jili Mines is committed to ensuring fairness in the game.


Transparent Outcomes

Jili guarantees transparent, fair, and verifiable game outcomes. The result of each round is determined using a combination of the server seed, client seeds, and a random number.

Preventing Cheating

To deter cheating, Jili discloses both the client seed and the random number before the commencement of each round. This allows players to refresh their client seeds as needed.

Ensuring Fairness

While the platform doesn’t reveal the server seed, it does announce the hash seed value. After each round, players can check and verify the server seed in their gaming histories, ensuring that the platform maintains a fair gaming environment.

Tips for Winning at Mines Game

Mines Game relies largely on luck, but incorporating a few strategies can enhance your chances of winning. Here are some helpful tips:

Tips for Winning at Mines Game

Strategic Tile Selection

Begin the game by uncovering tiles located in the corners or along the edges of the grid. These locations are less likely to be next to mines, improving your chances of uncovering prizes.

Mines Proximity Awareness

Pay attention to the number of mines neighboring each tile you reveal. If a tile has many adjacent mines, it’s advisable to avoid revealing the tiles around it.

Auto Play Feature

Feeling lucky? Consider using the “Auto Play” feature. This option automatically reveals tiles until you either hit a mine or decide to cash out your winnings. Utilizing the “Auto Play” feature introduces an element of surprise and excitement to the game.


It is an instant win game played on a 5×5 grid of tiles. The objective is to uncover tiles without hitting a mine. Each tile reveals either a prize or is blank. Uncovering a prize allows players to continue or cash out, but hitting a mine ends the game, resulting in a loss of winnings.

Players set the number of mines, place bets, and uncover tiles. Winnings accumulate in a round, increasing the multiplier. If a player loses, winnings reset, and the game ends. Internet disconnects result in automatic cash out of winnings.

The Accumulative Multiplier tracks winnings in a round, displaying the multiplier. It increases as you win in the round, but if you lose, it resets, ending the game.

In case of an internet disconnect, winnings are automatically cashed out, and the game ends.

Jili Mines ensures fairness through transparent outcomes. Game results are determined using a combination of server seed, client seeds, and a random number. Seeds and random numbers are announced to prevent cheating.


In conclusion, Jili Mines in Phlwins offers an engaging and thrilling Mines Game experience, combining luck and strategy in a transparent and fair environment. With its commitment to ensuring fairness, player-friendly features, and strategic tips for success, Jili Mines provides a captivating and enjoyable gaming adventure for players seeking instant win excitement.

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