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Jili Games has breathed new life into the beloved card game, Hi-Lo. This game adds an exciting twist by letting you trust your instincts to predict the next card. It kicks off with the dealer showing the first card. Your job is to decide if the next card will be “higher” or “lower” than the revealed one. Get it right at Phlwins, and you win, earning the chance to keep playing. Make a wrong guess, and the game concludes, taking away your winnings. The more consecutive correct guesses you make, the more you win. Yet, be cautious—if you guess wrong, you lose all your winnings for that round. Hi-Lo is an easy and enjoyable game suitable for everyone, regardless of age.


Hi-Lo Basic Rules

To initiate the game, simply choose the amount you want to bet and click on the “Start” button. You’ll be presented with an option to skip a card, and you can use this feature up to 20 times per round.

Hi-Lo Basic Rules

Card Comparison Rules

Now, you’re tasked with predicting whether the next card will be “stronger than or equal to” or “weaker than or equal to” the one currently in your hand.

Special Cases for Aces (A) and Kings (K)

Keep in mind that Aces are considered the weakest, while Kings are the strongest. When you encounter a King or an Ace, you’ll need to choose between “equal to” and “stronger than/weaker than.”

Dealing with Cards 2 to Queen (Q)

For cards ranging from 2 to Queen (Q), “HIGH” signifies greater than or equal to, and “LOW” means less than or equal to. In case of a tie, both “HIGH” and “LOW” count as winning outcomes.

Increasing Payouts with Successful Flips

The more cards you correctly flip over, the higher your payout will be multiplied.

Cashing Out Earnings

To conclude the game and collect your accumulated winnings, click on the “Cash out” option.

Handling Internet Disconnections

In the event of an internet disconnection during gameplay, the system will automatically cash out your winnings and conclude the game.

Bonus Game

Within the game, there’s an exciting opportunity to encounter a Golden Card. When you successfully flip over a Golden Card and correctly predict if it is “stronger” or “weaker,” you unlock immediate access to one of the following bonuses.

Bonus Game

Game Bonus Table

  • GRAND JP (Jackpot): A whopping 50% of the entire jackpot is yours.
  • MAJOR JP (Jackpot): Enjoy a significant reward, equivalent to 20% of the total jackpot.
  • MINOR JP (Jackpot): Receive a smaller but still substantial 5% of the overall jackpot.
  • MINI JP (Jackpot): Multiply your total bet by 3 as your reward.

Post-Bonus Gameplay

Once all the bonuses have been awarded, you can seamlessly continue with the Hi-Lo game, maintaining the excitement and potential for further wins. The inclusion of the Bonus Game adds an extra layer of thrill to your overall gaming experience.

Fairness Verification

Ensuring transparency and fairness, the results of the Hi-Lo game are meticulously generated through a collaborative process involving the server seed, client seeds, and a random number.

To maintain integrity on our platform and discourage any form of cheating, we are committed to divulging both the client seeds and the random number before the commencement of each round. This transparency allows players to refresh their client seeds, contributing to a secure and fair gaming environment.

Fairness Verification

To prevent any potential predictions of the outcome, we choose not to disclose the server seed directly. Instead, we announce the hash seed value, adding an extra layer of security to the process.

After each round, players have the opportunity to review and confirm the server seed in their gaming histories. This not only promotes transparency but also empowers players to verify that the platform has not manipulated or falsified any outcomes. Our dedication to fairness and openness aims to provide players with a trustworthy and enjoyable gaming experience.


The objective of the Hi-Lo game is to predict whether the next card will be “higher” or “lower” than the one initially revealed by the dealer. Correct predictions lead to winnings, while incorrect guesses conclude the game and result in the loss of accumulated winnings for that round.

To start a game, choose the amount to bet and click on the “Start” button. You are then presented with an option to skip a card, and this feature can be used up to 20 times per round.

Aces are considered the weakest, while Kings are the strongest. When encountering an Ace or King, players need to choose between “equal to” and “stronger than/weaker than.

Yes, to collect your accumulated winnings, you can click on the “Cash out” option at any time.

Yes, after each round, players have the opportunity to review and confirm the server seed in their gaming histories, promoting transparency and empowering players to ensure the integrity of the gaming platform.


In conclusion, Jili Games has transformed the classic card game Hi-Lo into an exhilarating experience that combines strategy and intuition. With its user-friendly interface, transparent fairness measures, and the added excitement of the Bonus Game, Hi-Lo offers players of all ages a thrilling and trustworthy gaming adventure. Dive into the world of Hi-Lo, where every flip of the card brings the potential for both entertainment and substantial winnings.

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