Understanding Responsible Gambling

PhlWin (referred to as “the Company”), the operator of the online casino website, is dedicated to promoting responsible gaming. We aim to enhance measures for preventing and avoiding excessive gaming. This Responsible Gambling Policy outlines both the commitments of the Company and your responsibility to encourage responsible gambling practices, minimizing the negative impacts of excessive gaming.

Capitalized terms used here but not defined in this Responsible Gaming Policy will have meanings ascribed to them in the Website’s Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated by reference into this Responsible Gaming Policy.

Responsible Gambling

Our commitment is to ensure that you enjoy your gaming experience on our Website while being fully aware of the social and financial consequences associated with excessive gaming. We present and endorse our skill games as an entertaining activity, believing that gaming can remain enjoyable only if you play responsibly and maintain control.

It’s important to recognize that this game involves a financial risk and may be addictive. Play responsibly at your own risk.

What You Can Do

If you choose to play on our Website, here are some general guidelines to make your gaming experience safer and reduce the risk of problems associated with excessive gaming:

What You Can Do
  • Purchase Play Money only with funds that you can comfortably afford to spend.
  • Never use money for essential needs like food, rent, bills, or tuition to buy Play Money.
  • Plan your purchases and the time you’ll spend playing on the Website. Regardless of how you’re doing, stick to that limit.
  • Avoid playing when you’re upset, tired, or depressed. It’s challenging to make good decisions when you’re feeling down.
  • Balance your gaming with other activities. Explore different forms of entertainment so that playing doesn’t become too dominant in your life.
  • Never borrow money to make purchases on the Website.
  • Avoid using all of the Play Money you’ve purchased in a single game or session.
  • Take regular breaks and time outs to maintain a healthy gaming experience.
  • Don’t delay personal and other important tasks to play. Finish your important tasks first, so you can play with a free and calm mind.

Underage Users

The Company has a strict policy against users under 21 years old. This is to reduce the risk of unauthorized purchases and to prevent the Website from becoming a distraction for those in basic or undergraduate education. If we suspect a user is under 21, we may request identification. If a user is found to be underage, their account will be immediately deactivated or deleted.

Underage Users

While we invest a significant amount of time and resources to prevent minors from playing on the Website, we think that preventing issues is most effective when both we and the parents or guardians of minors share the responsibility. Here are a few tips to ensure that minors, such as your children, do not engage in gaming on our Website:

  • Never leave your PC or mobile device unattended if you’re logged into the Website.
  • Ensure the security of your PC and mobile device by setting up password/credential controls for use and access.
  • Install child protection software on your children’s devices to prevent them from accessing the Website or any services we offer through it.
  • Use a strong, hard-to-decipher password for your User Account. You can choose not to have the Website software remember your password each time you log in. If you’re concerned about someone else accessing your User Account, it’s advisable not to allow the software to remember your password.
  • Avoid saving your credit/debit card details when purchasing Play Money. Ensure undesired purchases are avoided, as all purchases on the Website are irreversible.
  • Keep a close eye on your User Account activity to limit unauthorized access to the Website.

Account Closure Request

You have the option to close your account at any time for any reason by reaching out to our Support Team. It’s important to note that an account closed using our standard closure process can be reopened by contacting our Support Team.

However, if you are concerned about developing an unhealthy addiction to gaming or believe you currently have one, we strongly recommend considering self-exclusion. An explanation of self-exclusion is provided in the following section (self-exclusion).

Account Closure Request


If you think your gaming is causing problems and you need assistance to stop, we offer a self-exclusion option. Upon your request, we’ll block your account for a specific period as determined by you.

To initiate self-exclusion, contact our Support Team. Once your self-exclusion request is activated on your User Account, you’ll receive an email confirmation from the Support Team.

Self Exclusion

After the specified period, your account will be reopened. It’s crucial to understand that any granted self-exclusion request is irreversible for the initially determined duration.

Self-exclusion is a commitment between us and you. We’ll take reasonable steps to prevent you from reopening your account or creating new ones. During the exclusion period, refrain from attempting to reopen your account or create new ones on our Website.

Block By Company

The Company has the authority to temporarily block your access to your User Account if it detects any abnormal or unusual activity, such as frequent and exceptionally large purchases of Play Money on your User Account Website. In such cases, the Company will communicate with you to make you aware of the potential financial implications of your activities. You will receive an email from the Support Team once any blocks are placed on your User Account.

Block By Company

Additionally, the Company may temporarily block your User Account if your Know Your Customer (KYC) information has not been provided or is outdated. This block will remain until you submit the necessary documentation for the Company to verify your KYC details.

Consequences of Self-Exclusion

Any self-exclusion, block, or closure imposed by the Company will apply to your entire User Account. You won’t be able to play any games on the Website during the self-exclusion, blockage, or closure period. You will automatically be unregistered from any tournaments that begin after your User Account is self-excluded, blocked, or closed. Additionally, you won’t receive marketing emails or newsletters from us during the period of self-exclusion, blockage, or closure.

Consequences of Self Exclusion

Deposit Limits

By default, the company allows users to deposit a minimum of PHP 200 and a maximum of PHP 200,000 in aggregate over a 24-hour period. If you want to adjust your deposit limits, you can use the Responsible Gaming Self-Limitation tool.

What you Can Do to Help Yourself

Identify and reduce the risks by following these general guidelines when playing online:

What you Can Do to Help Yourself
  • Play for Entertainment: Treat casino games as a form of entertainment, not as a way to make money. 
  • Comfortable Stakes: Play with stakes you’re comfortable with. Higher stakes may not help you recover losses.
  • Emotional State: Avoid playing when you are upset, tired, or depressed. It’s challenging to make good decisions when you are feeling down.
  • Balance Your Play: Diversify your activities. Find other forms of entertainment to ensure playing doesn’t dominate your time.
  • Avoid Intoxication: Refrain from playing when you are intoxicated.

Setting Limits

We provide you with the option to set various Responsible Gaming limits to support responsible play. You can set these limits by:

Setting Limits

Deposit Stop Option

Choose to stop deposits on your account while still being able to play freerolls and withdraw any winnings.

Account Lock

Opt to have your account locked, preventing you from playing on the website.

Once a limit is set, it remains irreversible for 7 days.

What We Can Do to Help You?

Ensuring the accuracy of age information is crucial. Any player providing dishonest or inaccurate age information may forfeit all winnings.

What We Can Do to Help You

Age Confirmation

Every individual creating a new account confirms that they are at least 21 years old. This ensures that everyone playing on our websites is over the age of 21.

No Targeting of Underage Players

We do not target underage players through our marketing and advertising efforts. It goes against good business practices and is inconsistent with our personal and corporate values to attract underage players.